Quote #5 – Social Media vs. SEO

“SEO content, on the other hand, dispenses with the emotional in favor of the mechanical. It can be stilted and awkward — but it’s more honest and transparent. When a writer pads their article for the trailer of the newest Marvel movie with search keywords — data like the cast and crew and opening date — … Continue reading “Quote #5 – Social Media vs. SEO”

Growth Hacker Marketing ( Ryan Holiday)

Amazon BR Growth hacking: técnicas 0800 ou low cost para crescer a base de clientes ou usuários de um produto/marca. Neste pequeno manual, Growth Hacker Marketing, o marketeiro e best-seller Ryan Holiday fornece guides para estratégias de crescimento e conta alguns cases de produtos de tecnologia, como o Hotmail e o iPhone, que tiveram uma … Continue reading “Growth Hacker Marketing ( Ryan Holiday)”